Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Prozac Happy Housewife

I wasn't allowed to watch much TV when I was little, (it was Satan's tool) but there was one episode of The Flintstones that I remember quite vividly. Wilma was such a wonderful cook that she got a job hosting a television show called “The Happy Housewife.” After a while, Wilma became so busy doing the television show, that she didn’t have time to cook dinner for Fred or clean the house. Fred got angry, and Wilma eventually quit because she felt bad for not cooking and cleaning for Fred. At the end of the episode, Wilma brings Fred a huge steak and presents it to him like he's a king. And then Wilma stands over him with a shit eating grin on her face because cooking and cleaning for her man is so fulfilling. But what I really remember most about the episode was the theme song to Wilma’s cooking show. It went, “Make your hubby happy. Keep your hubby happy. Cause if your hubby’s happy, you’ll be happy too.” I went around singing that song as a little girl like a June Cleaver drone. How fucked up is that???

I'm glad none of it sank in. I'm a total slob and I hate to cook. Guess I'll just have to make my "hubby happy" in other ways. (I'm thinking porn and margaritas, maybe?)