Friday, July 08, 2005

The Beginning

I swore I'd never become a blogger and yet here I am. I've never been one to do what's trendy. I fought capri pants to the bitter end before finally caving and buying some. Even now I cringe as I type the word "blog." It's just such an ugly word and sounds so horrible. I don't know who came up with it, but I think we should start some sort of internet revolution to delete that term from popular culture and replace it with something more palatable like ijournal or ediary, or anything that doesn't sound like something you cough up after a night of smoking hand rolled cigarettes.

In addition to the auditory aversion I have to the word "blog," I also figured that anything I could possibly have to say had already been said by someone else a million times over, so why bother. I'm not particularly funny, or witty, or knowledgeable on any one subject. I probably won't have any breaking news to report. And yet, somewhere in my mind I still hold out hope that I can one day come up with a truly original thought. Besides, where else, other than Craigslist, can I complain anonymously about numerous subjects without fear of reciprocity?

So here we go, internet world, let the blogging fun begin...