Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lube Job

Right now, piled up on my pool table (which also doubles as a catch all for bills, purses, dog toys, etc.) is a stack of letters from my health insurance company. The stack grows higher each and every day. I think it might soon require its own zip code. Every day there is a new letter and a new excuse. Since I began working at my firm in January, I have been to the doctor about six times. I wasn’t feeling well. I was having heart palpitations and my thyroid was enlarged, so my doctor wanted me to have an ultrasound of the thyroid and cardio pulmonary testing. A blood test also revealed that I had a vitamin B-12 deficiency, which I had a shot for. (I am fine though, by the way) Thus far, my health insurance company has not paid for a single visit. I have received six separate letters stating that they are “taking additional time to review the visit to determine if a pre-existing condition was present.” I have also sent in tons of forms to release my medical records. Meanwhile, my doctor’s office keeps calling ME because my health care company is a dead beat.

So far, I have paid $960 in insurance premiums. I have also paid $180 in co-pays. My employer has paid an additional $960 for my insurance premiums. Therefore, the total amount of money paid on my behalf was $2,100 (and counting). The total cost of service was $2,077. We could easily have just paid that money directly to the doctor and been better off. Instead, my weasel-ass insurance company would like for me to pay $2,100 to them and still pay for the doctor visits despite the fact that this WAS NOT a pre-existing condition. It is hardly a “condition” at all. What makes it worse is that I don’t even have good benefits. I have a $2,000 deductible! This is insane!

When my mother became seriously ill, her insurance company dropped her immediately, claiming they hadn’t received her payment on time (which was total bullshit). She had to fight for four months, while she was gravely ill, to have her insurance reinstated. Even after it was reinstated, my father was still saddled with tons of medical bills after she died.

Let me tell you friends, we are in a health care CRISIS in this country. And yet our government refuses to do anything but drop to their knees to fellate the huge health care companies. Our health care costs are so out of control we spend nearly twice as much per person as other developed countries and still leave a sixth of our population uninsured. The only thing our government has done regarding health care is to make it harder for people who have had health catastrophes to declare bankruptcy. (thereby making it a threesome with the credit card companies)

Here’s the sad thing—my husband and I aren’t even poor. We’re middle class and still can’t afford our health insurance. How the hell do we expect poor people to? Guess my only option for now is to bend over. Can anyone recommend a good lubricant? Perhaps something in a nice strawberry flavor???